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Work Slip Claim

In the UK, work injury solicitors have specific roles in representing those who have been injured or acquired an industrial disease due to the negligence of an employer or an employer´s representative. Work injury solicitors maintain a high level of knowledge with regard to health and safety regulations and employment law in order that they can provide clients who have sustained an injury or loss through the lack of care of an employer with accurate advice, and ensure that the client receives the maximum level of work injury compensation to which they are entitled.

Work injury solicitors also understand that you, or somebody close to you, has recently experienced a distressing physical or emotional trauma – potentially both – and will endeavour to establish your work injury claim with the maximum amount of discretion and least possible disruption to your personal life. It is important to us that your recovery from injury is not obstructed by legal distractions and litigation arguments, and once we have collect sufficient evidence to build the strongest possible work injury claim on your behalf, you can focus on your wellbeing and getting on with your life.

Work Injury Claims and Employer Relationships

One of the most frequent concerns we hear about making a work injury claim is that victims are worried about damaging an existing relationship with an employer, or that by claiming for work injury compensation they may affect future employment prospects in the UK. Work injury solicitors are fully aware of these concerns, and we are often reassuring clients that making a work injury compensation claim will not damage an established bond nor negatively affect future opportunities.

Most employers are genuinely upset that their negligence has caused you or a loved one to suffer an injury and, for those that are not, work injury solicitors will use employment law to its fullest effect to ensure you are not unfairly treated following a work injury compensation claim. Furthermore, work injury compensation claims are settled by the employer´s insurance company and not directly by the employer and, although a Health and Safety Executive investigation may ensue after you have been injured in an accident for which you were not to blame, the only pecuniary penalty an employer will suffer will be an increase in his employer´s insurance premium.

The Variety of Claims Handled By Work Injury Solicitors

UK work injury solicitors handle a wide range of work injury claims on behalf of their clients. Those which make headlines often involve fatal accidents or incidents which result in a catastrophic injury; however there are many more which change people´s lives forever. Industrial diseases acquired from handling asbestos and those which restrict upper limb mobility due to the unmanaged over-use of vibrating tools are devastating injuries to those who sustain them.

Where employers fail to provide a safe environment for their employees to work, there is also the increased risk of work injury claims from people who have sustained injuries through slips, trips and falls and manual handling. Perhaps one of the most disturbing events being witnessed by work injury solicitors is the rising number of psychological injuries caused by bullying, harassment and stress in the workplace – with 435,000 incidents reported to the Health and Safety Executive in the year to October 2010.

Establishing Negligence in a Work Injury Claim

One of the most important roles that work injury solicitors undertake is establishing that an employer has indeed been negligent, and that the negligence has led to you sustaining an injury. There are many aspects to an employer´s role in providing a safe environment to work in – from risk assessment, through training, supervision and monitoring, to the maintenance of machinery and provision of personal protective equipment – and work injury solicitors will dissect each aspect of an employer´s responsibilities to show where the negligence originated and how it developed (as is usually the case).

Once the strongest possible work injury claim has been constructed, work injury solicitors will engage in negotiations with the employer´s insurance company to attempt a quick settlement which is acceptable to you and adequate for your needs. If an employer has followed the conditions of his insurance policy correctly, he will have already advised the insurance company of your injury, and you should be wary of any direct approach from the insurance company, as often their offers of early settlement are inappropriate.

How Much Work Injury Compensation Am I Entitled To?

This is often the first questions asked of work injury solicitors – and one which is very difficult to answer accurately during the initial stages of a work injury claim. No two claims for work injury compensation are identical and there are many factors which contribute towards the total amount of work injury compensation you are entitled to receive. The four major elements of a work injury compensation claim are:-

  • Compensation for Physical Injury – There are no set amounts for each specific physical injury, and two people sustaining a similar injury may get vastly different settlements of compensation for physical injury due to their age, gender or physical status (i.e. general health).
  • Compensation for Loss of Amenity – This element of a work injury compensation claim is best described as compensation for the way in which your work injury has negatively affected your quality of life and, again, two identical physical injuries will have a different impact of two different people.
  • Compensation for Psychological Injury – Your work injury may be solely psychological if related to bullying, harassment or stress, but there are also a growing number of experts who agree that there is a high risk of post traumatic stress disorder after a physically traumatic event.
  • Compensation for Out of Pocket Expenses – “Special Damages” account for any costs associated with your work injury which you should not have to bear. Examples can range from the cost of transport to a hospital to receive medical treatment, to a long term loss of earnings due to your injury, to the whole rebuilding of your home to account for wheelchair access.

Get Free Advice from Work Injury Solicitors

If you, or somebody close to you, has sustained a loss or injury which you believe may be due to the negligence of an employer, you are invited to call our free work injury claims advice service and discuss your entitlement to compensation with one of our work injury solicitors. Our work injury solicitors will answer any questions you may have about the process for making a work injury compensation claim, establish that you have a work injury claim which is worth your while to pursue and provide you with impartial and helpful advice.

Please note that you are under no obligation to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with one of our work injury solicitors, and all calls to our free work injury claims advice service are completely confidential. If it is an inconvenient time to speak with us right away, please leave your contact details in the form to the left of the page and one of our work injury solicitors will get back in touch at a time which is more suitable for you.