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Work Related Stress Claim

Work Related Stress Accounts for More Lost Work Days than any other Form of Work Injury

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) produce a report each year analysing different work injuries and the cost in terms of working days lost. In the 2009/10 report, UK work related stress was once again the major single factor in people taking time off from work and resulted in an astonishing 22.6 lost days per case. As the HSE reports that almost a quarter of a million employees suffer from work related stress in the UK each year, the cost to industry, society and the individual is huge.

Possibly the biggest concern however, is those people who do not take time off from work to deal with work related stress. With the most common reasons for stress in the work environment being the level of work which is outstanding and an incapability of completing that work, the causes of their stress will continue, and possibly get worse if not resolved. An employee in this situation could develop serious health issues which, at their most extreme, can be fatal.

Qualifying for a Work Related Stress Claim

Some work related stress injury scenarios are created by the employees themselves. By taking on too much work, or work they are incapable of doing, they could be accused of contributing to their own work related stress. However, it is still the employer’s responsibility to ensure that each work task has a risk assessment performed before being assigned, and part of that assessment should include the suitability of the employer to complete the task adequately and within a certain time frame.

An employer also has a responsibility for providing any training that is required in order to achieve the task, supervise that the task is being performed correctly and be open to feedback when issues arise. Other factors responsible for work related stress in the UK which the employer also has control over include poor working conditions, relationships with co-workers, a lack of job security and long, inflexible working hours. Therefore, whenever an employee suffers from work related stress, it is fair to say that the employer is, by some breach in his duty of care, liable for the work related stress injury.

Before Making a Claim for Work Related Stress Claim

A little bit of stress is often regarded as a good thing, because it motivates the individual to perform to a high standard, however long term exposure to stress can lead to a work related stress injury and serious health problems. Work related stress injuries in the UK raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, speed up the aging process and can lead to a stroke. Therefore, as soon as you feel that you are under too much stress you should speak with your employer and also seek medical advice about your health problems.

Your doctor will usually recommend a period of time away from the stressful environment and on your return to work your employer should have rearranged your work tasks and provided you with a safe environment in which to work. If he fails to do so, your work related stress injury is just going to re-occur and you will be entitled to make a claim for work related stress injury.

There are two elements of a UK work related stress claim which need to be fulfilled in order for your claim to be successful. First it must be shown that you suffered from a substantial work related stress injury — either physical or psychological — and, secondly, that your employer was responsible for that injury through his negligence or lack of care.

As mentioned above, your employer may claim that you contributed to your work related stress injury by your own actions; however your solicitor will be able to overcome that objection, and also advise you on the steps you should take in the event that your work situation becomes untenable due to difficulties arising in response to your work related stress claim.

Free Work Related Stress Claim Advice

A solicitor will be able to provide a lot more advice which is relative to your own particular work situation and, in order to make this information freely accessible, we have set up a work injury claims advice service which you are welcome to call if you believe that you have suffered a work related stress injury due to the negligence of your employer. Our experienced work injury solicitor will discuss the merits of your case with you, and determine whether you have a claim for work related stress which is worth your while to pursue.

Naturally, all calls to our free work injury claims advice service are completely confidential, and you are under no obligation to proceed with a work related stress claim once you have spoken with us. Our lines are open for you to call from 8.00am to 10.00pm seven days a week, or alternatively you can leave your contact details in the call-back box at the side of the page and one of our experienced solicitors will get back in touch with you at a convenient time.