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Work Rash Compensation Claims

Is it possible for workers to pursue work rash compensation claims for exposure to harmful chemicals? Although my employer has told me that it is not possible to claim for something so minor and I have not yet visited a doctor, I have developed a painful and irritating rash which has cost my hundreds of pounds to treat and I am considering claiming against the company anyway. Is this possible?

It may be possible for employees to pursue work rash compensation claims if they can prove that their employer’s negligence is the reason that they have sustained an injury or illness. You may be able to claim for compensation if you can prove that your work rash was developed as a consequence of a health and safety oversight by your employer – and certainly, a rash which has cost hundreds of pounds to have treated does not sound minor.

Your first priority should be to have your injury diagnosed by a medical professional. This should be done immediately as your eligibility to claim for compensation may be reliant on having your work rash treated in the best way possible and allow you to avoid spending hundreds of pounds on over-the-counter remedies. Approaching a doctor will not only enable you to have your rash diagnosed and have it treated in a proper manner; it will also give you the means to obtain documented evidence of your rash – a vital piece of evidence in your claim for compensation.

Employees who are seeking to pursue work rash compensation claims should ask an experienced personal injury claims solicitor to evaluate their eligibility, not their employer. Explaining the particulars of your claim to a solicitor will allow them to tell you whether or not you are indeed entitled to claim for compensation and perhaps even what the likelihood is of you being successful. It is important that you do this at the earliest possible opportunity, particularly as your employer is already aware that you are considering pursuing a claim.

While a work rash may seem trivial to your employer, you know it is not. It could be that your work rash was the result of your employer’s failure to implement proper safety protocol. There are several pieces of legislation which are aimed at ensuing the health and safety of employees. Employees seeking to find out if their employer is liable for their injury should speak with a solicitor to find out if their employer is in violation of health and safety legislation. This may also enable potential claimants to find out if they are entitled to pursue work rash compensation claims.