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Work Burn Claim

UK Work Burn Injury

Every year in the UK, work burn injury affects thousands of people. These are not just burns from sources of heat, but work burn injuries in the UK can be caused by exposure to electricity, steam, chemicals, friction, cold and even sunlight. Work burn injuries can happen in any environment, but the construction industry is considered to be the most dangerous, with the most extreme UK work burn injury leading to permanent scarring, amputation and even death.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimated that almost 20 per cent of injuries at work in the UK are attributable to burns. Not only does this type of accident usually result in permanent external scarring, but a UK work burn injury can cause irreparable damage to internal organs and be responsible for psychological problems later in life.

Qualifying for a Work Burn Claim

The risk of work burn injuries in the UK is so great that there are a large number of general and industry specific acts to protect employees. These regulations cover the type of protective equipment that should be supplied by an employer, how it should be used (particularly at height) and how staff should be trained in its use. Employers also have an obligation to assess, supervise and monitor any activity in their company which presents the risk of a burn injury and provide suitable medical facilities for staff in industries which are more prone to UK work burn injury.

Accidents happen in all industries and, in order to qualify for a work burn claim, it has to be shown that your work burn injury was sustained due to an employer´s breach of his “duty of care”. Your work burn may not be directly attributable to an employer but – in some cases – to a work colleague. If that work colleague has not followed health and safety procedures or not been adequately trained, it is still your employer who is liable when you make a claim for work burn injury.

Before Making a UK Work Burn Claim

The most important consideration when suffering a work burn should be that of your health. Work burn injuries which are not treated immediately can result in deeper, more permanent scars and to delay medical attention could actually compromise your work burn claim. Therefore immediately after sustaining a work burn injury:-

  • Clear the affected area of any clothing and jewellery, bathe with large quantities of cool water and cover with a sterile dressing (cling film or a plastic bag is a good substitute is gauze is not available).
  • Get taken to hospital by a colleague who — wherever possible – has witnessed the event and can explain to medical staff what has happened. It is important that you are accompanied in case you suffer delayed shock.
  • A report of the incident should be recorded in your employer’s “Accident Report Book” and, where the work burn injury has been caused by the negligence of an employer, witness statements gathered to support a claim for work burn injury compensation.

Once your injuries have received appropriate medical attention, you should speak with a solicitor about making a UK work burn injury compensation claim. A solicitor will be able to advise you if you have a claim which is worth your while to pursue and, if so, explain the procedures involved. He will also be able to advise you about special damages you may be entitled to receive in respect of out of pocket expenses and loss of income while you are receiving treatment and unable to work.

Compensation for a work burn injury is paid by your employer’s insurance company and, where the employer has clearly been negligent, the insurance company may approach you with an offer of work burn injury compensation in return for an early settlement of your claim. Even when you have developed a good working relationship with your employer, and want the issue of compensation to be resolve quickly, it is still better to speak with a solicitor in order to ensure that you receive a fair and adequate amount of compensation.

Free Work Burn Claim Advice

Because making a work burn claim in the UK can be complicated, and due to there being so many levels of work burn injury, we have established a free work injury claims advice service, which you are invited to call if you have suffered a work burn injury due to the negligence of an employer. Our free work injury claims advice service is entirely confidential and you are under no obligation to proceed with a UK work burn injury compensation claim once you have spoken with us.

Our lines are open seven days a week between 8.00am and 10.00pm, and we also operate a call back service which you are welcome to take advantage of if now is not a convenient time to speak with us. Simply leave your contact details in the box provided at the side of the page, and one of our experienced solicitors will get back in touch with you.