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Work Bursitis Claim

Bursitis Affects One-in- Two Hundred People

According to a recent report published in “Medical News Today”, bursitis and bursitis-related injuries are the cause of 1-in-200 visits to doctor´s surgeries. The painful inflammation of the bursa (a small sac containing fluid to ease the movement between) can affect the shoulder, thigh, ankle, elbow and knee, and is responsible for 60 per cent of all hip pain. More commonly known as tennis elbow or housemaid´s knee, a bursitis injury is brought about by performing repetitive tasks or a direct physical blow to the bursa sac.

There are no reliable statistics to indicate how many of these visits to doctor´s surgeries are work-related, however bursitis usually develops over many years of performing a recurring task. Gardeners, miners and carpet fitters are prone to bursitis as they are frequently bending their knees, whereas people who walk a lot in the course of their employment (policemen, shop assistants, street canvassers etc.) can often suffer from bursitis of the hip. Indeed, one of the most common ailments in these professions — a bunion — is actually a form of bursitis which is caused by friction.

Qualifying for a Work Bursitis Claim

Employers have a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) to prevent injury in the workplace, and this includes taking precautions to prevent employees suffering from work bursitis. Even though work bursitis does not receive the health and safety profile of many other hazards at work, you are still entitled to make a work bursitis claim if you employer has given you a task to perform which involves repetitive actions which result in you suffering from work bursitis.

An employer should perform a risk assessment of every task he asks an employee to undertake, provide training, supervision and monitoring to ensure that the tasks are performed adequately and safely and, in the case of tasks which have a risk of work bursitis, factor in regular breaks and a rotation of duties to eliminate the possibility of an employee sustaining a work bursitis injury. If your employer has failed in his responsibilities to make the work environment a safe place in which to work, and you sustain a work bursitis injury as a result, you are entitled to make a work bursitis claim.

Your Health and a Work Bursitis Claim

Whenever you feel that you are suffering from any form of repetitive strain injury, you should always seek a medical examination — and more so with a work bursitis injury. Whereas the pain of other repetitive strain injuries can often be controlled with painkillers, the main symptom of bursitis is swelling around the joint which is painful to touch and you will inadvertently knock the swelling more often because you are not used to it being there.

Severe work bursitis often requires surgery to drain the bursa sac, although the condition can be treated with steroids and anti-biotics if the sac has become infected. Minor cases of work bursitis will require rest, ice, compression and elevation until the inflammation reduces. This can take a period of many weeks, after which doctors advise not to go back to performing the tasks which caused the injury in the first place.

Making a Work Bursitis Claim

Not being able to return to ones job may have major financial implications to a family and, where the injury has been caused by an employer´s breach in his duty of care towards you as an employee, you are entitled to make a work bursitis claim. How much you will receive for your work bursitis claim will depend on the location of the injury, the extent of the inflammation and what degree of negligence can be attributed to the employer.

Other factors will also contribute to how much you receive for your work bursitis claim, such as the effect your injury has had on your quality of life, the financial implications of being unable to work and how long you allowed the condition to deteriorate before seeking medical attention. In some cases, a work bursitis claim can be made against more than one employer (if more than one employer is responsible) or the insurance company of an employer you once used to work for if that employer is now out of business.

Free Work Bursitis Claim Advice

Some people are apprehensive about making a work bursitis claim against an employer for fear that it will damage a long-standing relationship or adversely affect their future employment prospects. However, if a work bursitis claim is prepared properly by an experienced work injury solicitor, these scenarios will never occur. Furthermore, most employers are genuinely distressed that their negligence has caused a work bursitis injury and are more than willing to cooperate with your solicitor as they build the work bursitis claim.

Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with a bursitis injury, which you believe may be due to your work conditions, you are invited to call our free work injury claim advice service and discuss your entitlement to make a work bursitis claim with an experienced work injury solicitor. Naturally, all calls to our free work injury claim advice service are completely confidential and no pressure is put on you to proceed with a work bursitis claim once you have spoken with us.

Making a work bursitis claim is, unfortunately, sometimes the only way in which people can ensure that a family is provided for once they have lost their main or secondary source of income. With the impartial and helpful advice available from our work injury solicitor, you will be better informed to make decisions about your future and how best to provide for it.