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What does Third Party Capture Mean

What does Third Party Capture Mean?

The term ‘Third Party Capture’ refers to a situation where a direct and unsolicited approach is made by an insurance company to the victim of an accident who potentially has a claim for compensation against their policy holder. The offer of compensation made to the potential claimant by the insurance company may or may not be suitable for the injuries suffered by the potential claimant and it may or may not be sufficient to pay for the medical treatment required by the potential claimant or support their family if they are unable to work.

What are the Risks Involved?

If an accident victim decides to accept an offer of compensation from an insurance company which subsequently proves to be inadequate, they cannot ask the insurance company for more compensation. Therefore third party capture is a risky option for the claimant, and there is no regulation of insurance companies which protects potential claimants from being under-compensated in this scenario. Requests have been made of insurance companies to establish an identifiable and accessible process to protect the rights of potential claimants but they have continually refused to make any changes to third party capture.

To avoid becoming a victim of third party capture, it is always in your best interest to contact a personal injury solicitor and have your claim for compensation assessed as your solicitor should be able to give you a fairly accurate assessment of how much compensation you are entitled to receive. This assessment will account for the impact your injury has had on your quality of life and as well as any injuries you sustained in the accident, the assessment will also factor in any emotional trauma you may have experience due to your injury and the financial costs you have incurred or may incur in the future.

Why do Some Potential Claimants take on the Risk?

Concerns about short-term finance and the length of time a claim may take to resolve are factors which can influence a potential claimant’s decision when they are presented with an opportunity to accept an early offer. However it should be possible for your solicitor to arrange interim payments of compensation in order to remove your concerns; chiefly because an approach by an insurance company to you is effectively an acknowledgment of their policyholder’s liability for your injuries. Your solicitor will also benefit from this arrangement, as they will have more time to compile a compensation claim against the insurance company’s client.

As solicitors, we are aware that third party capture takes place and why potential claimants accept it, but we cannot estimate how often it occurs or how much potential claimants lose because third party capture is unregulated. To ensure you do not take an unnecessary risk with your claim, it is best to speak with a personal injury solicitor at the first possible opportunity if you are offered compensation from an insurance company.