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Compensation for a Taxi Passenger with Whiplash

How can I pursue compensation for a taxi passenger with whiplash? My son and I were travelling to the airport in a taxi about two weeks ago, and both of us sustained sever whiplash injuries while travelling. The injuries happened after our driver was forced to brake because another car pulled out in front of him illegally.

Claiming compensation for a taxi passenger with whiplash will require you to be able to prove that at least one of the drivers involved in the accident was at fault for your injury. Pursuing a claim on behalf of a child is much the same as for an adult – the same amount of proof is needed to be able to prove liability, and the child’s injuries must still be serious enough to warrant a claim for compensation. There are however a few differences.

Many parents wait a long time before pursuing compensation for their children – while this is allowed as the Statute of Limitations does not impose a three-year time restriction on children as it does with adults, it is always better to contact a solicitor as early as possible after an accident. As children are not legally allowed to pursue claims for compensation or instruct a solicitor, an adult, most likely a parent, will have to take the claim on their behalf. This position is known as a ‘Litigation Friend’ and may only be filled by a person who is willing to accept responsibility from any costs that may be incurred as a result of the claim and someone who does not have a conflict of interest i.e. is not responsible for inflicting the injury.

Claiming compensation for a taxi passenger with whiplash who is a child may also face other obstacles, such as delays, both in finding a resolution and being paid compensation. If a parent has been injured in the same accident as a child it may mean having to wait longer for a successful resolution. Despite the fact that a decision on compensation may be made within a few months or years of the accident, your child will not be able to benefit from the award until they reach 18 years of age – save for medical and educational expenses.

It is worth remembering that no two claims for compensation are the same. Although you were both involved in the same accident and both suffered the same injury, your compensation awards will more than likely vary in value with your son probably being paid more than you. Children – along with women – are more likely to be awarded greater amounts of compensation than adult males because they have weaker neck muscles. On top of that, children may also be paid more to reflect the length of time they have to suffer from an injury, those as your injury will most likely not be permanent this will probably not apply in your case.

Claiming for compensation when a child is involved is always easier with the assistance of a personal injury claims solicitor. To find out more about your and your son’s entitlement to compensation for a taxi passenger with whiplash, speak with a personal injury solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.