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Slipped on Food on Floor in Restaurant

My sister slipped on food on floor in restaurant and broke her nose. The restaurant owners refuse to take responsibility and provide compensation. What should she do?

The restaurant’s liability in this instance depends on the circumstances of how your sister slipped on food on floor in restaurant. There could be a number of reasons why the restaurant owners do not deem themselves as being liable. If your sister slipped on food that had just fallen from a customer’s table or a waiter’s tray, then there may have been nothing a member of staff could have done to prevent that. Similarly, if your sister was to blame for her own broken nose injury then the restaurant may not be held responsible just because it happened on their premises.

If neither of these situations is applicable to how your sister slipped on food on floor in restaurant, and if it was due to a lack of care on behalf of a member of staff, then you should speak with a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible moment. A restaurant has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for their customers. This means that the owner of the restaurant needs to maintain the premises to the safest possible standard. For instance, when a spillage occurs it should be cleaned up within a reasonable time frame and all parts of the restaurant should be checked for any faults and potential hazards. Failure to do this can end in potentially serious injury for a customer or staff member, such as the broken nose your sister has sustained. A broken nose can easily change the appearance of the face and can sometimes be very serious.

You need to present your solicitor with any evidence you have of the accident in which your sister suffered this injury. If you haven’t already, make a report in the restaurant’s “Accident Report Book” being as detailed as possible. Include statements from any staff members or diners who witnessed the incident. You should have made your health your top priority and sought medical treatment immediately after the accident, as your medical history will provide proof of when the broken nose was sustained and no amount of compensation is worth a permanent injury.

Your solicitor will evaluate your potential claim with the evidence you have compiled, in addition to considering your sister’s age and gender, the pain and suffering experienced during the incident and the impact the injury has had on your sister’s quality of life. This can include medical expenses and any psychological trauma she has endured. Using this information your solicitor will be able to determine whether or not your sister has a sufficient claim for when she slipped on food on floor in restaurant.