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Slipped on Food in Caffe Nero

I slipped on food in Caffe Nero. Will I be entitled to claim compensation for my broken wrist?

You may be able to make a successful claim for injury compensation for having slipped on food in Caffe Nero, but only if it can be established and proven that the coffee shop staff had been negligent for failing to clean the food from the floor. There must also have been a failure in a duty of care to keep you safe while visiting the coffee shop.

The operator of a coffee shop owes its visitors a common duty of care under the Occupier Liability Act to ensure the premises is kept reasonably safe at all times. All areas of the coffee shop which can be accessed by the public should be clean and must be kept free from trip or slip hazards.

It may not be practical – or even possible – for all potential risks to the health and safety of visitors to be totally eliminated from the coffee shop, and the Occupier Liability Act does not demand this. It is only necessary for the risks to be reduced as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’ to ensure that the chance of a customer sustaining and injury in an accident is kept to a low and acceptable level.

The question that must therefore be answered is whether food on the floor represented a serious accident risk which under the circumstances should have been removed in time to prevent your accident. If your accident could have been prevented and the staff should have been aware of the dropped food and had plenty of time to clean up, a failure to do so would be classed as negligence and would represent a failure in a duty of care. If this can be proven, a claim for a slip on food on the floor in Caffe Nero would be possible and should stand a good probability of being successful.

A lawyer is in the best position to tell you if you will be entitled to make a claim for compensation for slipping on food in Caffe Nero after your case has been investigated. A lawyer will attempt to establish the length of time the food had been present on the floor prior to your accident and whether the staff had been aware that food had been dropped and failed to arrange cleaning.

Provided that the circumstances of the accident permit a claim for a slip on food on the floor in Caffe Nero to be made, you will be entitled to recover injury compensation for slipping on food in Caffe Nero for your broken wrist and any other personal injuries sustained in the accident. Provided that your medical records contain a reference to an injury and it can be proven that the injury was sustained in the accident, it can be factored into your compensation amounts.

Proving that an injury was sustained when you slipped on food in Caffe Nero is easiest with an accident book report. If you did not report the accident at the time, we strongly recommend revisiting the coffee shop as soon as possible to make an official report of the accident.

When you speak with a lawyer you will be advised about the level of compensation you can claim for your injury and will be informed of the steps which must be taken in order for a legal claim against Caffe Nero to be started.