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Woman Recovering from Life Threatening Injuries in Shopping Centre Accident

June 6, 2014

An elderly woman is recovering from life threatening injuries in a shopping centre accident due to tripping over an uneven surface and falling through the window of a hairdresser´s shop.

Helen Lyons (81) was on her way to a regular hairdressing appointment at Hazel Cleland Hair in the St Helens Place Shopping Centre, Armadale, West Lothian, when she tripped over a raised paving slab outside of the shop and fell towards the window of the shop.

As Helen hit the window of the hairdressers, the glass shattered, and a large shard of glass pierced Helen´s neck. Fortunately the owner of the hairdressing shop and the adjacent greengrocers acted quickly and applied pressure to the injury to prevent Helen bleeding to death.

Paramedics quickly arrived and rushed Helen to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where she is now recovering from her life-threatening injuries in the shopping centre accident.

The uneven paving slab on which Helen tripped is one of 200 hexagonal paving slabs which interlock to form the floor surface in St Helens Place, and business owners commented after the accident that they have complained about the uneven slabs many times previously.

One of the greengrocers who came to Helen´s rescue – Derek Thomson – said that Helen´s accident was inevitable considering that many of the hexagonal slabs are raised on one side by more than an inch. Mr Thomson said he had witnessed a number of people tripping and falling over the uneven slabs as they pass through the shopping area.

A spokesperson for West Lothian council said that they were aware of Helen´s injuries in the shopping centre accident, but had no specific complaints about the state of the paving in the area where Helen´s accident took place.

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