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Fine Imposed on Tesco for Work Accidents

April 16, 2012

Tesco has admitted failing in its duty of care towards employees at their supermarket in Warfield after an examination found that Tesco accidents at work were not being filed to the Health and Safety Executive.

Bracknell Forest Council examined three separate Tesco accidents at work between May 2009 and March 2010 in which staff had been hurt and no report had been made to the relevant enforcing authority.

Investigators from the Environmental Health Department of Bracknell Forest Council also found proof that Tesco had neglected to provide adequate training and enforce safe working practices in the loading and unloading area of its Warfield store – further placing employees at risk of injury.

Tesco accepted the charges made against them and were fined 48,000 pounds after a hearing. Bracknell Forest Council recouped a further 25,000 pounds for the costs involved with the examination and for bringing the case against Tesco.

“It’s vital that companies stick to health and safety rules so their employees remain out of danger at work”, said  head of environmental health for Bracknell Forest, David Steeds, after the Tesco accidents at work case had been heard. “Unfortunately, Tesco failed to keep to these rules and, as a result, employees were injured – quite seriously in one of the cases – or put in harm´s way.”

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