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Woman to Receive Supermarket Compensation for Shopping Trolley Accident

September 25, 2013

A woman in America has been awarded $9.9 million in compensation for a shopping trolley accident after developing a neurological condition following an accident in Costco.

Rose Nudelman (52) from Brooklyn in New York was shopping at her local Costco supermarket with her husband in 2009 when she rolled her loaded shopping trolley onto the up escalator which was equipped with a mechanism to prevent the trolley rolling back down the slope in accordance with the forces of gravity.

While the couple were travelling up the escalator, the shopping trolley came loose and struck Rose with force and, although she did not seem to have experienced any immediate physical injuries, Rose and her husband had the good sense to register a record of the accident with the supermarket before they left.

However, within two weeks of the accident, Rose started to experience head pains and had to use a cane to support herself when she walked. Rose sought medical advice and was diagnosed with the neurological condition known as “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”.

After seeking legal advice, Rose made a claim for compensation for a shopping trolley accident against Costco, who denied their liability for her injuries and suggested that her condition was being exaggerated to claim compensation retrospectively for the supermarket accident.

Nonetheless, Rose pursued her claim, and last week a jury found Costco liable for her injury and awarded her $9.9 million in compensation for a shopping trolley accident in a supermarket. Costco have already said that they intend to appeal, but Rose´s solicitor commented “There is no one you or I know who would change places with Ms Nudelman for any amount of money,”

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