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Asda Worker Awarded Compensation for Fall at Work

February 2, 2012

A former Asda employee has been awarded 27,000 pounds in fall at work compensation after injuring her back when slipping on a broken egg in the store´s warehouse.

Irene Heslop (65) from Fallowfield, Greater Manchester, sustained her injuries in March 2007 while working as a bakery helper in the Hulme Asda store in Greater Manchester. Doctors diagnosed her with a suspected spinal fracture which left her unable to walk long distances or lift heavy objects.

As her health improved, Irene requested that Asda put her on lighter work duties in order that she could return to work. The company declined, and Irene continued to draw Statutory Sick Pay until the six month period expired after which time she received industrial injury benefit at 24 pounds per week.

After seeking legal advice, Irene registered a claim for personal injury compensation against the Asda store in Hulme which was supported by doctors at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. After doing their own investigation, Asda acknowledged that Irene´s lifestyle had been seriously curtailed by the accident and agreed to a 27,000 pounds personal injury compensation settlement.

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