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Injury Falling Off Scaffolding

I recently suffered a back injury falling of scaffolding at the site where I work, am I entitled to pursue a claim for compensation?

You make be entitled to make a claim for an injury falling off scaffolding if you are able to prove that the injury was at least partially the fault of someone other than you. As your injury occurred at work it is likely that the person against who you are eligible to pursue a claim for a fall is your employer. This is because your employer owes you – and the rest of their employees – a ‘duty of care’, which obliges them to take measures to ensure that you and your co-workers do not come to harm while at work. While your employer’s ‘duty of care’ is not ‘absolute’ in so much as you must also take measures to protect your own health and safety, you may qualify to pursue a scaffolding fall compensation claim if you can prove that your employer did not properly implement health and safety legislation.

Before considering whether or not you are entitled to pursue a compensation for an injury falling off scaffolding you should ensure that your wounds are treated as quickly as possible by a trained medical professional. As soon as a serious injury is sustained an accident victim should make their way to the Accident and Emergency department of the nearest hospital, or if they are not capable of doing so themselves have someone else assist them. If you have not already had your injuries treated you should do so immediately – no amount of compensation can make up for the implications a serious back injury can have on a person’s long-term health. Seeking medical attention immediately after an accident is not just essential to safeguarding your long term health however it will also allow you to have your injuries recorded in your medical records – documents which may prove valuable later in your claim for a fall.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, employers are obliged by law to take measures to safeguard their workers. It is possible that a breach of safety regulations by your employer facilitated the conditions which led to your fall. The health and wellbeing of scaffolding workers is well protected by legislation, including the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Employers are required by law to provide appropriate safety attire to their workers – hard hats, high visibility jackets – free of charge, and to ensure that all scaffolding, including guardrails and floorboards, are properly installed and maintained. This includes conducting regular inspections of employees’ workspaces. If your employer failed to implement proper safety protocol for workers at height, you may be entitled to pursue a scaffolding fall compensation claim.

If you believe that you qualify to pursue a claim for a fall, you should speak with a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as you have had your injuries treated. Recovering from a back injury can be a long and difficult process, and being able to call upon help from a personal injury claims solicitor to assist you will allow you to ensure that your scaffolding fall compensation claim is in the best hands possible while you recuperate. To pursue a claim for an injury falling off scaffolding speak with a solicitor at your earliest possible opportunity.