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Injured at Work Claim

How Frequently are People Injured at Work?

According to the most recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report into UK work injury, an astonishing 354,582 employees were physically injured at work in 2009/10. To put this figure into proportion, it is equivalent to the entire population of a town the size of Southampton being injured at work during the course of their employment.

Even more alarming was the separate number of work injuries which were classified as illnesses. Over half a million employees were injured at work due to the conditions in which they had to work and, when added to the 1.5 million workers already unable to work due to work illnesses, a staggering total of 28.5 million working days were lost to work injury in the UK.

Qualifying for an Injured at Work Claim

Accidents will happen but, in too many work environments, accidents are just waiting to happen. The role of health and safety enforcement in the UK is shared between the HSE, the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) and local authorities. During the period of the HSE’s report into UK work injury, these three agencies issued over 15,000 enforcement notices where occupational health was at risk.

This would imply that there are still many employers who disregard the safety of their employees in the pursuit of profit, and if you sustain an injury due to their “lack of care”, you are entitled to make an injured at work claim. It does not matter whether the injury is a physical knock to the head after a fall, an occupational “disease” caused by a lack of personal protective equipment or a psychological injury due to bullying in the workplace, where your injury can be attributed to an employer´s disregard for health and safety regulations, it is your right to claim for injured at work compensation.

Before Making an Injured at Work Claim

If you have sustained a workplace injury, your first concern should be that of your health. You should ensure that you attend your doctor’s surgery or the accident and emergency department of your local hospital without delay. In more serious accidents n ambulance should be summoned, and in all cases have somebody accompany you to hospital in case of delayed shock. Thereafter, before making an injured at work claim, you should ensure that you:-

  • Report the Injury — A record that you have been injured at work should be entered into your employer´s “Accident Report Book”. This not only serves to alert the HSE about your employer´s lack of care, but will be used to support your injured at work claim. In the event of an illness which was sustained during a former employment, you should still inform your ex-employer of your condition.
  • Speak With Colleagues — You may need witnesses to testify how your accident/injury occurred if your injured at work claim is settled by litigation. Any information they can give you about similar injuries that they are aware of can strengthen your case and enable your injured at work claim to be settled without the need for a court appearance.
  • Consult a Solicitor — Inasmuch as colleagues may be willing to help with an injured at work claim, often they can provide conflicting (although well-meaning) advice. By speaking with a solicitor, you will be able to establish whether you have a claim for work injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue and focus on your health while the solicitor deals with legal matters.

Any injured at work settlement is paid for by your employer’s public liability insurance and therefore you should not be apprehensive about making an injured at work claim against an employer if you have worked with him for a long time and developed a strong working relationship. It is also illegal for an employer to penalise you for making an injured at work claim against him, so your work prospects should not suffer because of your actions — which have been caused by his negligence!

Free Injured at Work Claim Advice

If you have been injured at work in the UK, and you believe that your injury may be due to an employer´s lack of care, you are invited to call our freephone work injury claims advice service on our freephone number. This will enable you to speak directly with an experienced UK work injury solicitor who can provide you with helpful and accurate advice about your entitlement to claim injured at work compensation.

Our lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week, and we also operate a call-back service if it is not a convenient time to speak with us right away. All calls to our freephone work injury claims advice service are completely confidential, and you are under no obligation to proceed with an injured at work claim once you have spoken with us.