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I Tripped on Street Pavement, Can I get Compensation?

I tripped on street pavement, can I get compensation? I am in my sixties and fractured my hip.

To obtain an adequate answer to your question “I tripped on street pavement, can I get compensation?” you would be best advised to contact an injury claims solicitor with experience in public liability claims as soon as it is convenient. Only they will be able to evaluate whether or not you have a sufficient claim and if it is worth pursuing by taking into account the severity of the hip fracture injury you sustained, your age, sex, general state of health before the accident, the impact the injury has had on your life as a consequence and the specific circumstances surrounding the accident. There are still a number of things to consider before you seek advice.

Since you know that you fractured your hip, I assume that you have already obtained medical attention from a medical professional. This will show that you have regard for your own health and will also provide evidence of when the hip fracture was sustained. If you can do this without exacerbating your injuries, in advising you in relation to your question “I tripped on street pavement, can I get compensation?” it is recommended that you compile evidence of the defect in the street pavement where you sustained your injury. You should take pictures, measure the defect and obtain witness statements of those who may have noticed the defect prior to your accident who could confirm that the council did nothing to address the dangerous footpath. However if the council have inspected the footpath relatively recently and found it to be safe and the defect occurred subsequent to the inspection, it may not be possible to pursue a claim as they would have had no way of knowing that it was there unless notified.

This is merely a brief overview of what you can do to support your claim for fractured hip injury compensation, and does not fully answer the question “I tripped on street pavement, can I get compensation?” Only your solicitor will be able to help you initiate a claim. Hip fractures can be very serious, sometimes leading to permanent disability and medical expenses can be costly. You should address the problem as soon as possible. If your solicitor deems your claim as being sufficiently strong, they will offer to represent you.