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Compensation for Tripping Over Books in an Office

I want to make a claim for compensation for tripping over books in an office that were left on the floor but I am worried about losing my job. Can my employer sack me for making a personal injury claim?

It is understandable that you are worried about making a claim for compensation for tripping over books in an office against your employer. Many accident victims feel the same way and are worried that claiming personal injury compensation will affect their employment.

However, it is your legal right to claim injury compensation if you were injured in an accident at work that was caused by the negligence of your employer, and your employer is not legally permitted to terminate your employment for exercising that legal right.

If your employment were to be terminated, not only would your employer be liable to pay compensation for tripping over books in an office, but you would also be entitled to take your employer to an employment tribunal by making a claim for unfair dismissal.

You should bear in mind that your employer will have purchased an insurance policy to cover personal injury claims from employees who are injured at work, and it will the insurance policy against which a claim for a trip on books in an office is made. If your claim is successful it will be the insurance company that pays your compensation and not your employer. Your employer will not be personally liable for any part of your compensation award.

What is more, while no employer would want to have a claim for compensation made against them or their insurance company, most would be fully understanding of the need for a claim to be made.

It is important that your right to make a claim for having tripped on books on the floor in an office is confirmed by a personal injury solicitor. Even though you tripped over a hazard on the floor in your office, it does not necessarily mean that a claim will be possible. A claim for compensation can only be made against an employer if the accident was caused by employer negligence. If you attempt to make a claim that you are not qualified to make, it is possible that this would cause problems with your employer.

When you speak with a solicitor and explain the circumstances of the accident, you will be advised if you are legally entitled to compensation. You will be told whether you have a strong case and the legal process will be explained in full.

A solicitor will calculate how much compensation you are entitled to recover for your injury, and you can then make the decision about whether it will be worth your while to make a claim for a trip on books in an office. Should you decide to proceed with a legal claim for having tripped on books on the floor in an office, a solicitor will take all the necessary steps to ensure your claim runs smoothly so that it can be resolved as quickly as possible.