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Compensation for Tripping on Loose Carpet in an Office

Is it possible to recover lost earnings as compensation for tripping on loose carpet in an office? I broke my wrist and I am not allowed to go to work with a broken bone.

You are entitled to recover lost earnings and any expenses you have incurred as a result of your injury if you make a claim for compensation for tripping on loose carpet in an office.

Costs and financial losses are claimed as special damages; the purpose of which is to ensure that were it not for the accident you would be in no worse position financially than if the accident had not occurred. This means that if a cost can be directly attributed to either the accident or your injury, it should be possible to include it in a claim for special damages.

In addition to lost earnings from time off work due to having tripped on loose carpet in an office, it should also be possible to claim for any loss of overtime. Provided you would have had the opportunity to work extra hours and you can prove that you have taken this opportunity regularly in the past, you should be able to recover the financial loss from this missed opportunity.

Typical costs that can be recovered include private medical care, damage to personal property in the accident, the cost of therapies which will speed up recovery and even transport charges to and from hospital. Provided that each item can be substantiated by receipts or invoices, it should be possible to recover the cost under special damages.

You will also be entitled to recompense for pain and suffering, although this aspect of compensation for tripping on loose carpet in an office is covered under general damages. The level of damages applicable for your injury are best calculated by a personal injury solicitor, as determining how much compensation you can claim for having tripped on loose carpet in an office can be surprisingly complex.

Medical records must be checked and further examinations by expert doctors may even need to be arranged to determine the full extent of your injury. You are also entitled to be compensated for the inconvenience of the injury, as general damages also includes an element for ‘loss of amenity’. This is a broad term which is used to cover a decrease in quality of life, be that temporary or permanent if a full recovery is not to be expected.

While you can make a claim for a trip and fall on loose office carpet for all of the above factors, it may be necessary to take your case to court to recover your full entitlement to compensation. Insurance companies may be willing to settle a claim ‘out of court’, but it is usually necessary to negotiate and to take a reduction on compensation to receive a quick settlement.

The experience of a solicitor will help to ensure that a strong case is prepared. This should improve the probability of a suitable settlement being reached, or if litigation is required, that you recover your full entitlement to compensation through the courts. We recommend involving a solicitor in your case as soon as possible. This will make sure that the strongest possible claim is prepared.