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Compensation for Slipping on a Wet Floor in an Office

I want to make a claim for compensation for slipping on a wet floor in an office, what do I need to do before I can make a personal injury claim?

There are a number of steps that must be taken before a claim for compensation for slipping on a wet floor in an office can be commenced, although the most important is to visit a doctor to receive medical attention for your injuries.

Your health must be your number one priority and it is important that you receive medical treatment promptly. When medical treatment is sought soon after an injury has been sustained the recovery time can be minimised. It is also important from a legal perspective, as a failure to visit a doctor at the first possible opportunity can affect the outcome of a claim for a slip on a wet office floor.

If there is a delay in seeking medical treatment, this could be used by the negligent third party as a way of reducing liability to pay compensation. It could be argued that you contributed the severity of your injury by failing to seek immediate medical treatment. Compensation amounts would then be reduced to take your contributory negligence into account.

After your injuries have been treated you should make an official report of the accident in your employer’s accident book. The accident book report is important as it serves as proof that your slip and fall occurred at your place of work. You should write a brief summary of how you slipped on a wet floor in an office, where in the office the accident occurred and why the floor was wet if this is known. You should include your full name, the date and time of the accident and you should also record the names of any witnesses who saw you slip and fall.

You should also make a personal note of the full names and home addresses of any witnesses to the accident. It may be necessary to obtain written statements in support of your claim for a slip on a wet office floor. If any members of staff can confirm how and when the floor became wet you should also record their contact details, even if they did not witness the actual accident.

After the above procedures have been completed, we recommend contacting a personal injury solicitor to discuss your case. You should explain how you slipped on a wet floor in an office and tell the solicitor what the doctor has told you about your injuries. Once you have informed the solicitor of the evidence you have collected, it should be possible to have your eligibility to claim confirmed.

Although your medical records can be used as proof of injury, it may be beneficial for you to undergo a further medical examination to ensure that your injuries are fully diagnosed. This will help a solicitor to calculate your maximum entitlement to compensation for slipping on a wet floor in an office.

Once an investigation of the accident has been completed by your solicitor, and evidence of employer negligence has been collated, a letter of claim will be drafted and sent to your employer to start the claims process.