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Compensation for Slipping on Oil on Supermarket Floor

How can I claim compensation for slipping on oil on a supermarket floor? I hurt my back as a result of the accident and my ability to work has been affected. What is the process required and who should I contact?

Before compensation for slipping on oil on a floor can be sought, an accident and injury must have occurred and was caused by the negligence of a third party. In this instance, it must be determined that the oil on the floor was present for an unacceptable period of time and was not cleared up. This would be seen as a hazard, and as a consequence the supermarket may be held liable for your injury. There are accidents when determining liability can be complex, and you are advised to discuss the details of your accident with your solicitor.

Recently mopped floor in supermarket with no warning sign

Recently mopped floor in supermarket with no warning sign

Your immediate priority after an accident — rather than pursuing compensation for slipping on oil on a supermarket floor — should be to seek compensation for your injuries. This is not only to prevent further deterioration in your condition that can cause long-term health problems, but also to ensure that you are not accused of contributory negligence for carelessness towards your own well-being. Once you have sought medical attention you should contact a personal injury solicitor who will advise you on the strength of your claim, the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled and the procedures required in order to pursue a claim.

You will be advised to make a report of your accident in the Accident Report Book of the supermarket if you have not done so already. Evidence will need to be gathered in order to support your claim, including witness accounts of your accident and injury. Once sufficient evidence has been gathered to support your claim, your solicitor will write a Letter of Claim to the supermarket (or their insurers), informing that compensation will be sought for your injuries. Twenty-one days will be given in order to acknowledge the letter, after which a further ninety days are provided to accept or dispute liability for the claim. If accepted, negotiations may begin in order to determine the amount of compensation to which you can claim. If disputed, court proceedings may be initiated by your solicitor, although the claim may be settled before this happens.

Finally, you are advised to be wary of any unsolicited offer of compensation that you may receive from a supermarket or their insurers. While you may be tempted to settle your claim early, it should be remembered that such offers often result in insufficient compensation. For this reason, you are advised to first consult your solicitor before accepting an inadequate offer of compensation.