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Compensation for Severed Tendons

What is the procedure involved in pursuing compensation for severed tendons?

In order to claim compensation for severed tendons you will first need to make sure that you are in fact entitled to pursue a claim for compensation. In order to be entitled to pursue a claim, someone other than yourself must be at least partly to blame for your injuries. This person must have owed you a ‘duty of care’ – been responsible to some degree for your safety – at the time you sustained your injury.

Before considering collecting evidence to support your claim it is of paramount importance that you receive medical attention as quickly as possible. Ideally, you would have sought medical attention immediately after sustaining your injury – no amount of severed tendon compensation can make up for the ramifications of not receiving timely professional treatment. It should be noted that only receiving medical treatment from the doctors at the nearest Accident and Emergency room to the hospital will be considered as appropriate action; only receiving first aid or tending to your injures yourself will not be deemed as sufficient enough action to warrant severed tendon compensation. This is because a visit to the hospital will allow you to access a medical report of your injury – a document which may prove vitally important in your claim for compensation for severed tendons.

Once you have identified a party against who you believe you are entitled to pursue a claim for severed tendons and have received medical attention, you can begin to collect evidence. The types of evidence available to you will vary depending on where your accident occurred – CCTV evidence, witness reports and pictures of your injuries are among the commonly utilised types of evidence, while in some cases reports from police or other officials may be available. As severed tendons can often leave an accident victim unable to leave their house it is understandable if you are not able to collect all the information need to pursue your claim for severed tendons by yourself. Once you have spoken to a personal injury claims solicitor, they will be more than happy to assist you in retrieving any compensation you may need.

Once you have gathered all of the information you need your solicitor will use it to compile a ‘Letter of Claim’ – notification to the negligent party that you intend to pursue a claim for severed tendons. Once the ‘Letter of Claim’ has been dispatched the negligent party has twenty-one days in which to acknowledge receipt, and another ninety days in which to decide whether or not to admit liability.

Everything about the process of pursuing severed tendon compensation can be explained to you by a personal injury claims solicitor. If the price of seeking help from a solicitor is a concern, you should note that many solicitors in the UK now offer free initial consultations. For help with your claim for compensation for severed tendons, speak with a personal injury claims solicitor at the first available opportunity.