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Compensation for Loss of Amenity

Compensation for loss of amenity can make up a substantial part of a personal injury claim. Loss of amenity – in injury compensation claims – refers to the non-financial consequences an injury has had upon your quality of life after an accident. Loss of amenity settlements are factors of a personal injury claim which take into account the changes you have been required to make to your work, domestic and social lifestyle -irrespective of whether your injury is temporary or permanent.

Examples of claimants who may be entitled to compensation for loss of amenity include:-

  • A mechanic whose hearing had been damaged because of working in a loud atmosphere, and can no longer enjoy listening to music
  • A teenager who can no longer use their index finger because of an accident at school, and is unable to use a computer for relaxation purposes
  • A recreational sportsman or woman who has injured their ankle after slipping and falling, and can no longer participate in certain sports
  • A mother who suffers a whiplash injury and cannot support her children in extra-curricular school activities such as sports days or nativity plays

These factors of an injury compensation claim do not represent a life-threatening aspect of an injury, and do not even need to be a long-term change to qualify for compensation. Loss of amenity settlements provide compensation for the incapacity an accident has caused, and for the enjoyment of life which has been disrupted because of an injury caused by the negligence of another party.

Amounts of Compensation for Loss of Amenity

To determine the sum of compensation to which a claimant may be entitled, a solicitor will need to compare and contrast the claimant’s quality of life before and after their accident. In order to do this effectively, your solicitor may need to consult with family members, friends and work colleagues and to have access to old photographs. You are also advised to keep a diary during this period and record any instance in which your injury has prevented you from fully enjoying your life.

Further Information on Loss of Amenity Settlements

The Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages often provides information as to what can be included in a personal injury claim, including compensation for loss of amenity. However, you should still undergo an assessment of your claim for personal injury with a personal injury solicitor to ascertain exactly what loss of amenity settlements you should be entitled to relevant to your own personal situation.