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Compensation for an Injury Lifting Office Furniture

Can I claim compensation for an injury lifting office furniture if I did not receive training on correct lifting techniques? My employer said my injury was my own fault for not lifting correctly.

It is possible to make a claim against an employer’s liability insurance policy to recover compensation for an injury lifting office furniture, provided that your injury was caused by the negligence of your employer.
You must also have sought medical treatment at hospital or from a doctor in order for a claim for being injured lifting office furniture to be possible. If your injury did not warrant you seeking medical attention a claim for an injury lifting furniture in an office cannot be justified.

Your employer may believe you were to blame for sustaining an injury; however it is actually your employer’s responsibility to ensure that the staff receive training on correct lifting techniques; even if they are not required to perform extensive manual handling duties as part of their job.
The failure to provide appropriate training is an example of employer negligence and it represents a failure in a duty of care to keep you safe at work. It is therefore highly probable that you will be entitled to claim for an injury lifting furniture in an office if you did not receive training. Your employer should have been aware that you had not been informed of the correct manual handling techniques and you should not have been permitted to move office furniture until appropriate training had been provided.

It is important that the fact that you were injured lifting office furniture is officially documented in your employer’s accident book. You should record the date and time of the accident, how it occurred and the injury you sustained. If you were receiving assistance moving the furniture when you sustained your injury, you should record the name of the person who was helping you and of any witnesses to the accident. The accident book will be used as evidence that your injury was sustained in the workplace.

There are a number of factors that can affect your right to claim, so it is strongly advisable that you speak with a solicitor about your case. A solicitor will be able to confirm if you are entitled to recover compensation for an injury lifting office furniture under the circumstances.

A solicitor will also help to establish that your employer has been negligent. Since your employer must keep a record of any training provided to staff, a copy of the appropriate training logs will be requested. If you have not signed a training log to confirm you have received instruction on lifting techniques, and your injury can be supported by your medical records and an accident book report, there is no reason to suggest that you will not be able to recover compensation for your injury from your employer’s insurance company.