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Compensation for Electrical Burns

Can I claim compensation for electrical burns if I was working as an electrician at the time of my accident?

It may be possible to pursue compensation for electrical burns if you can prove that someone other than yourself was at least partly responsible for your accident. As you were working at the time of your accident the person most likely to be held accountable for your injury is your employer – this may be the case even if you were working alone at the time of your accident, or if your injury was inflicted by another employee directly.

Your employer may be held responsible for your injury as they would have owed you a ‘duty of care’ – a responsibility to ensure your health and safety – at the time of your accident. Although this ‘duty of care’ is not ‘absolute’ – meaning that you must also take responsibility for your health and safety while at work – your employer is required to take steps to minimise the likelihood of you experiencing an injury.

Employers are required to conduct regular safety checks of an employee’s workspace to ensure that it is safe to operate in, and to conduct risk assessments of any new workspaces in which employees are expected to work – this may be especially pertinent to you given the mobile nature of your profession. Risk assessments are required to be carried out by employers in accordance with The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999). If you believe that your employer is not fully safety compliant, you may be entitled to claim for electrical burns.

Although proving that someone who failed in the ‘duty of care’ towards you is vital to your ability to pursue an electrical burns compensation claim, it should not be foremost in your mind after an accident. Ensuring that your injuries are treated properly and that your health and wellbeing is not in jeopardy should be your first concern. Ideally, you would have summoned an ambulance immediately after your accident – no amount of compensation for electrical burns can make up for the long-term impact a serious electrical burns injury can have on your life. As well allowing you to have your injuries treated, a visit to the nearest hospital’s Accident and Emergency department will allow you to access a medical record of your injury – a document which may prove valuable later in your claim for electrical burns.

Pursuing a claim for electrical burns from an employer can be an arduous and complex process, and is best undertaken with the assistance of a personal injury claims solicitor. Speaking with a solicitor about your electrical burns compensation claim will enable you to learn more about the claim process, and whether or not you are entitled to pursue a claim. To know more about claiming compensation for electrical burns, speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.