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Compensation for Electric Shocks from an Office Printer

Is it possible to claim compensation for electric shocks from an office printer? Will I need to claim against my employer or the company that maintains the printer?

Compensation for electric shocks from an office printer can be claimed against an employer’s liability insurance policy if your employer has been negligent for allowing a faulty printer to be used. Although, since the office printer was maintained by an external contractor, a claim for an electric shock from an office printer may need to be made against the company that was awarded the maintenance contract. It is conceivable that liability of your injuries may even be shared between the contractor and your employer.

When a claim for an electric shock from an office printer involves more than one third party it is usually complicated. It must be established where the blame lies and to what degree each third party is responsible for the accident. When two third parties are involved it also doubles the chance of liability for the injury being contested.

Since your claim for compensation for electric shocks from an office printer has potential to be complicated, it is important that you use a personal injury solicitor to recover compensation on your behalf. This will help to ensure that your claim has the maximum probability of being successful and it will make the claims process less stressful for you.

A solicitor will first need to establish who is to blame for the accident and whether your injury was caused by third party negligence. Once your eligibility to claim for an electric shock from a printer in an office has been confirmed, your solicitor will collect evidence of third party negligence.

Statements will need to be taken from work colleagues and witnesses to the accident and other evidence will be collected and collated to support your claim. A solicitor will also need to access your medical records, and further medical examinations many need to be arranged to determine the full extent of your injuries.

A serious electric shock may only cause temporary pain and discomfort, but there is a chance that more serious internal injuries have been suffered. Only when you have been fully diagnosed will it be possible to calculate how much compensation you are entitled to claim.

Once your entitlement to compensation for an electric shock from a printer in an office has been calculated, and you are aware of the probability of making a successful claim, you can then decide whether it will be worth your while to take legal action against the third parties responsible for your injuries.

If you decide to proceed with a claim, your solicitor will send a letter of claim to the negligent third party – or third parties – and will attempt to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. It may be necessary to take your claim to the courts to be decided. If this is necessary, your solicitor will issue court proceedings and will fight for your maximum entitlement to compensation in court on your behalf.