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Compensation for a Car Crash with a Taxi

How can I claim compensation for a car crash with a taxi? I was recently involved in a head-on collision with a taxi and am eager to pursue compensation. The accident happened after the taxi turned down onto a one-way street. As a result of the collision I suffered severe whiplash and a sprained wrist – both of which I may have been able to avoid if I had time to brace myself.

You may be able to claim compensation for a car crash with a taxi if you are able to prove that the taxi driver was at fault for the accident. Certainly, the fact that the taxi driver turned down a one-way street suggests that they may be able to be held liable. All road users in the UK are obliged by law to exercise a ‘duty of care’ to each other — meaning that they must take precautions to prevent other motorists from coming to harm. If you can prove that the taxi driver who hit you with their car failed in their duty of care – as turning down a one-way street suggests they may have – you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

Your first action after the action should have been to summon an ambulance – although a sprained wrist and whiplash may not seem like serious injuries, aggravation may lead to a worsening in condition and if this were to happen, you may be found to be liable for your own injuries. Visiting a hospital’s Accident and Emergency department is also vital to securing a medical report of your injuries, a document which will be requested by the taxi driver whose car hit yours if you are to receive compensation.

You may also need to secure other types of evidence if you are to be awarded compensation for a car crash with a taxi. One-way street systems are normally only implemented in cities and large towns, meaning that there is a strong likelihood that the accident or the events leading up to it were captured on CCTV. There is also a possibility that there were witnesses. You should have noted the contact details of bystanders at the time of the accident – although not if it meant putting your health at risk. As well as swapping insurance details with the taxi driver, you should also note his registration and operating licence number.

Car accident should always be pursued with the guidance of a personal injury claims solicitor. Speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity for the best possible chance of receiving your maximum possible entitlement. Compensation for a car crash with a taxi is always easier to acquire with the help of a solicitor.