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Coach Accident Compensation

Am I eligible to make a coach accident compensation claim if the coach I was on collided with another car?

You may be entitled to make a claim for coach accident compensation, but the party against whom you make a personal injury claim will be dependent on who is to blame for causing the accident. Assuming that you have sustained an injury arising from the accident, your claim for coach accident compensation may either be made against the coach company who is responsible for the conduct of the coach driver or against the driver of the other vehicle.

If the coach driver is responsible for your injury, you should be aware that coach drivers have a duty of care to avoid exposing passengers to any preventable risk of injury, together with accommodating passengers with special needs, such as pregnant women. When a coach driver is at fault or is considered negligent, there are a few steps which may assist your solicitor in bringing a claim for coach injury compensation against the coach company. Seeking immediate medical attention is always your first priority. (Obviously, an ambulance should have been summoned in the event of a serious injury.)

Thereafter, you should record the number of the coach, the driver’s badge number, note the accident’s time and location, and any details of the other vehicles. If you are able to photograph the accident as well as gathering witness information, these could also be very helpful when you proceed with a claim for coach injury compensation. You should also provide details of the accident to the coach company, so they can have a record of your injuries.

If your injury was due to the fault of another vehicle, rather than the coach driver, you may also want to collect the contact details of witnesses, photograph the scene of the accident, note the other vehicle’s license plate number and report the accident to the nearest police station. (Again, all the measures should be secondary to you seeking prompt medical treatment at the first available opportunity.)

Thereafter, you should contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to discuss the circumstances of your accident and to establish that you have a personal injury claim for coach accident compensation that is worth your while to pursue. Your solicitor will then explain to you the procedures for completing your claim to ensure you receive your maximum entitlement to compensation.