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Claims for Tripping in London Zoo

I want to initiate claims for tripping in London Zoo which left my face severely scarred. How much claim will I get?

For compensation claims for tripping in London Zoo to be successful is dependent on whether or not you can prove that London Zoo was negligent and played a part in causing your tripping accident. For example, if there was some manner of obstruction on a pathway that was not clearly signposted, or else if there was some kind of fault with a path or some steps that should have been remedied sooner, London Zoo could be deemed as being liable for the scarring you sustained. London Zoo owes its customers a duty of care, if any harm comes to one of them while they are on the premises because the zoo was negligible in its maintenance of safety standards, it would be well within a customer’s rights to make a compensation claim against them. However, if it was attributable to your own lack of care it is unlikely that you will have a sufficient claim, or else your final settlement will be reduced because of the element of contributory negligence.

In terms of facial scarring, it is difficult to say how much compensation you will receive in your claims for tripping in London Zoo without knowing some key elements that would be taken into account when your claim is being calculated. These include age, sex, the pain and suffering experienced during the sustaining of your injury and the impact it has had on your life. For instance, a woman will tend to receive a more substantial amount of compensation for a prominent facial scar injury because of the pressures that face women in society to appear attractive. Therefore, the psychological impact for such an injury for a woman in her early twenties could be far more debilitating than if a man in his fifties sustained a similar injury. It has been known for women to receive compensation for facial scar payments ranging from £1200 to £70000 depending on the severity of the scar.

The only way to know if you are entitled to claim compensation and the amount you could receive is if you contact a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible. Only letting them know the personal circumstances of your injury and how it was sustained can your claim be evaluated.