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Claims for the Loss of a Finger

I recently lost a finger in work due to defective work equipment. Am I entitled to make claims for the loss of a finger?

Questions regarding claims for the loss of a finger can be difficult to answer without knowing the specific circumstances that led to the accident in which the finger loss was sustained. Though you say that it was due to defective equipment, your entitlement to pursue a claim and the amount of compensation you may receive all depends on establishing employer negligence. If it can be proven that your employer failed in his duty of care by not ensuring that the equipment you were using was maintained to an acceptable standard of safety, then you may very well be eligible to make a claim.

However certain claims for the loss of a finger are often affected by contributory negligence, which is when any contribution you may have made to the accident is taken into account. For instance, if you had previously known that the equipment was faulty and you failed to inform your employer and continued to use it anyway, you could be held partially liable for the loss of your finger and this will be reflected in a reduction of your final settlement.

The amount you could be eligible to receive in claims for the loss of a finger is also dependent on the pain and suffering caused by the accident. If your quality of life has been affected by this finger loss, and due to the serious nature of losing a finger it is likely that it has, this will be taken into account when calculating your final compensation settlement. Additionally, the amount of compensation you receive will take into consideration your general state of health prior to the accident and also the variety of ways that such an injury could affect your life, including any loss of income incurred due to being unable to work because of your injury, the inability to take part in day to day activities, any psychological trauma experienced and medical costs which are attributable to your finger loss.

No matter what your circumstances may be, it is advisable that you consult a personal injury claims solicitor who has experience dealing with such compensation claims at the first possible opportunity. They will be able to evaluate your injury and inform you of the likelihood of a successful settlement. If they agree to provide you with legal representation, they will ensure that you receive the maximum value of compensation for claims for the loss of a finger that you are entitled to.