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Claims for an Eye Injury in a Factory

How long does it take for claims for an eye injury in a factory to be resolved? My employer has accepted liability for my eye injury, but has told me it may take months to recover compensation.

It is good news that your employer has accepted liability for the accident and he has told you that it will be possible for you to make claims for an eye injury in a factory against his insurance policy. Typically it takes between six and nine months for a claim to be resolved, although in your case it may be possible to obtain compensation more quickly as liability is being accepted by your employer.

The claims process starts with the issuing of a claims letter to the negligent third party responsible for the accident. Twenty-one days must be allowed for the letter to be acknowledged, and a further ninety days for liability to be accepted or rejected. You can ask your employer to respond to the claim’s letter as quickly as possible once it is received, so that you can recover compensation as quickly as possible.

Although your employer has admitted liability, it does not necessarily mean that his insurance company will be so understanding. An insurance company may contest part of your claim or the amount of compensation you are attempting to recover. The insurer may even try to delay the payment of compensation for as long as possible.

On the other hand, the insurance company may decide to settle the claim promptly, but in return for a quick resolution to your claim you may be offered a lower amount of compensation that you are claiming. It is not unusual for insurance companies to try this tactic as a way of limiting losses.

You may even receive an offer of compensation before you have even made started the claims process. Your employer is likely to have notified his insurance company of your injury and the fact that he is liable for the accident. The insurer may decide to contact you directly as a way of preventing a legal claim from being made. When legal action is taken to recover compensation, an insurance company will be required to pay legal costs in addition to covering your legal fees. It is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to try to prevent claims from being made to avoid having to pay legal costs.

Should an offer be forthcoming it is important that you have it checked by an independent personal injury solicitor before accepting. It may not be appropriate for the seriousness of your injury and you may be able to recover a more appropriate settlement by making claims for an eye injury in a factory.

The best way to ensure that your factory eye injury claim proceeds as smoothly as possible and that you recover your full entitlement to compensation for your injury is to allow a personal injury solicitor to prepare and pursue your case.

A solicitor is in the best position to calculate your maximum entitlement to compensation for an eye injury at work and to negotiate a suitable settlement directly with your employer’s insurance company. Solicitors are used to the tactics insurance companies often employ to limit losses, and the experience of a personal injury solicitor will help to ensure that a suitable offer of compensation for an eye injury at work is made to you.