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Claims for Allergic Reaction to Hair Dye

Are claims for allergic reaction to hair dye possible? I told the hairdresser at the beauty salon not to bother with a patch test as I used the product before. However a severe rash developed on my scalp as a result, and I’m not sure who is liable.

Claims for allergic reaction to hair dye are possible if a third party has been negligent, resulting in your injury. The liable party may be the manufacturer of the product that caused your hair loss if a faulty product was responsible for your injury, or the beauty salon may be liable if they have been negligent by failing to properly administer the treatment.

If you have developed a rash due to hair dye, you should first visit the salon in which your treatment took place. The salon can provide you with details of the product which was used and proof that it was used for your hair. Once you have received the product number and batch number, you will be able to determine whether similar complaints were made against the manufacturer of the product. If so, it could be possible to make a claim for the injury you have sustained.

However liability for claims for allergic reaction to hair dye can depend upon whether a patch test was performed by the salon. As it was not applied in this scenario, liability may lie with the salon rather than the product’s manufacturer. You advised the salon that the test was not required as you had used it before. However, even if the salon was told not to bother with a patch test they still have a legal obligation to perform one. As beauticians, they should be aware of the fact that allergic reactions may develop over time, and because you used the product in the past does not guarantee that an allergic reaction will not develop next time.

The beauty salon may therefore be liable for any compensation for hair dye allergy you may seek. As they failed to perform a key stage in the process of applying the hair dye, they may be determined to have been negligent in their duty of care towards you – even if you insisted that the test was not needed. There is a possibility that the salon may challenge your entitlement to compensation, because of which you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity if you have any queries on making claims for allergic reaction to hair dye.