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Claims for a Broken Tooth

I recently broke my tooth in circumstances where I was not to blame. Could I be entitled to pursue claims for a broken tooth?

Pursuing claims for a broken tooth will always be dependent on the circumstances surrounding how you sustained your dental injury. You say you are not to blame, however that only matters if the injury was due to the negligence of someone who owed you a duty of care. Some examples include a reckless fellow motorist, a negligent employer or even the careless performance of a dentist. It could be difficult to establish any of these as the liable party, therefore after such an injury occurs it is of the utmost importance that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible and, if applicable, report it to the police so that there will be a record of the accident occurring and your consequential injuries. This is to ensure that when you initiate claims for a broken tooth, the liable party’s solicitor will not be able to accuse you of contributory negligence or a “lack of care” when it came to your own health and safety, resulting in the exacerbation of your injury.

When pursuing claims for a broken tooth, your general state of dental health prior to the accident occurring and your own general personal circumstances in combination with your age and sex will be assessed. After these factors are examined, the pain and suffering you endured at the time of the accident will then be evaluated. For instance, if the pain of the injury impacted in any way on the day to day routine of your life, such as the inability to carry out what would be every day, normal tasks. Also taken into account would be any psychological trauma your inability for normalcy may have caused. Furthermore you may be eligible to reclaim any expenses incurred on account of your injury, such as subsequent medical costs.

All of this is merely general advice, and is no substitute for speaking with a personal injury claims solicitor with experience of claims for a broken tooth about the circumstances of your accident. After a consultation, a solicitor will be able to determine whether or not making this claim will be worth your while.

If they deem your case as having a sufficient likelihood of success, they may offer you representation on a “no win, no fee” basis, though it should be noted that you could be held liable for the other party’s legal fees should the case be unsuccessful. Contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible for a full appraisal of your potential claims for a broken tooth compensation action.