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Claim for Tripping in Theatre

My husband wants to make a claim for tripping in theatre after he got injured from tripping over some wires that were left in one of the aisles. However could he be considered as being somewhat to blame since I think he just wasn’t looking where he was going?

I think that your husband may have a strong claim for tripping in theatre, although I cannot say for definite without knowing the specific circumstances. However, even if you consider him to be somewhat to blame for his misfortune, the fact is that those wires should not have been obstructing the aisles. Every establishment has a duty of care when it comes to the wellbeing of its patrons. Your husband’s tripping injury is directly in breach of that duty of care. When walking down the aisles of a theatre, it is not usual for there to be wires strewn in the aisles.

It is also often dark in theatres unless the usher was showing you to your seats with a torch. Even though the defence could argue that he should have acted with “reasonable care” and been looking where he was going, it would not be out of the question to suggest that perhaps the wires were quite inconspicuous. If this was not the case, and your husband is found to have contributed to the cause of his injuries, this is known as contributory negligence and this will be reflected in a reduction in the final settlement for compensation.

The only way to for sure if your husband could be accused of contributory negligence in his claim for tripping in theatre is by consulting with a personal injury claims solicitor at the soonest possible moment. Only by discussing the details of your husband’s accident with your solicitor will you have a good grasp of what pursuing this claim may entail. The solicitor will also take into consideration various other factors such as his age, sex, general state of health before the incident and how his life has been affected by the impact of his accident.

These effects can include any financial consequences of his accident, for instance medical bills, if his injury has left him incapable of driving he would be compensated for alternative transport, if it his left him incapable of work he will be reimbursed for wages lost and if any renovations have had to be made to the house to make it easier for him to get around then that will also be accounted for. He may also be compensated for any psychological or emotional trauma his injury could have incited.

Following the evaluation of these elements of your case, the solicitor can make an informed decision on whether or not to represent you in your claim for tripping in theatre. They will be able to tell your husband if he is likely to be considered negligible and the percentage that his negligence will translate to in the reduction of his final settlement to reflect his lack of care.