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Claim for Tripping in Tate Modern Gallery

I would like to make a claim for tripping in Tate Modern Gallery. I am an employee at the gallery and also an aspiring artist. I tripped over some tools left lying about and I seriously injured my wrist, leaving me uncertain about my future career as an artist. How much would I be entitled to?

I cannot tell you how much compensation your claim for tripping in Tate Modern Gallery could entitle you to receive without knowing the extent of your injury and the circumstances surrounding how you sustained it. Claim amounts for wrist injury compensation can vary significantly depending on the severity of the injury you have sustained. For a wrist injury that is expected to heal within a few months you could perhaps receive up to £3,200. However in a more serious injury where there seems to be a permanent loss in function, which appears to be what you’re dealing with, you could expect to receive up to £44,000. The only way to find out what your claim could be worth is by consulting a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as it convenient.

In making your claim for tripping in Tate Modern Gallery in combination with employer negligence, you will have to establish that negligence did take actually place. If you attended a medical professional for treatment directly after your accident your medical history will serve as a means of supporting your claim. You should have then made sure to compose a report for your employer’s “Accident Report Book”, making sure to be as comprehensive as possible. If there were CCTV cameras in the vicinity you should attempt to get hold of these as further evidence. If you are in any way reluctant to initiate a claim because of future career prospects you should discuss these worries with your solicitor. You should bear in mind that it is against UK law for ‘pursuing a claim’ to be held against an employee. In fact, your employer may even encourage it. More often than not employers are upset when an employee is injured in the workplace, and this could too be the case with you, especially considering your aspirations to be an artist.

You should make contact with a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible in order to begin your claim for tripping in Tate Modern Gallery. This accident has left you with an injury that has the potential to affect your emotional well-being dramatically which is not something that should be taken lightly. Your solicitor will be able to take all of this into consideration and will be able to calculate how much claim you will be eligible to receive should you decide to pursue it.