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Claim for Tripping in Restaurant

I was about to make a claim for tripping in restaurant after I recently tripped over a fallen vase in a local restaurant, hit my head off a table and broke a tooth. However the restaurant’s insurance company approached me very quickly after the accident with a compensation offer of £500. Is this a good offer?

I can’t give you an exact amount of compensation a claim for tripping in restaurant could see you eligible to obtain without knowing more specific circumstances of how your broken tooth occurred. The only one who will be able to do that is a personal injury claims solicitor who has knowledge of these circumstances.

Generally though, the amount of claim you will be entitled to is dependent on a number of factors, not least which tooth it is that was injured and the severity of the tooth injury. Typical amounts for injured or broken back teeth can range up to £1150, if you break or lose your front teeth you could expect to receive up to £2600. Bearing these figures in mind, it would seem as if this unsolicited offer made to you by the restaurant’s insurance company is rather low.

The reason why the negligible party’s insurance company are typically so quick to approach the injured party after an accident is because they see it as a potential opportunity to save themselves money from hefty legal fees that can be incurred in claims cases. They think that because you still may be in shock over the accident in which you sustained a broken tooth that you could be more susceptible to accepting an instant offer of settlement, rather than making a claim for tripping in a restaurant. However, accepting an offer like this without consulting a solicitor first is unwise as often they will not adequately cover the costs of the injury the victim sustained. In this instance that seems to be the case.

If you inadvertently accept an offer that turns out to be inadequate you cannot go back to the insurance company to ask for more, so it is recommended that you consult a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible. With them you can discuss the offer that was made to you and also the prospect of initiating a claim for tripping in restaurant compensation. They will evaluate your claim based on your injury, your sex, age and any financial or psychological impact it has made on your life since you experienced it. Depending on where the tooth was located, it is possible you could suffer from both physical pain and emotional trauma from the affect it could have on your appearance.