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Claim for Tripping in Cinema

My family want me to make a claim for tripping in cinema after I tripped over some equipment that should not have been in the middle of the lobby and I broke my leg. However I work there and it was the fault of another employee. Do I make a claim against them? I don’t want my work relationships suffering.

In a claim for tripping in cinema, your case would be made against your employer and not the employee that was responsible for leaving the equipment in the lobby, thus leaving a hazardous obstruction in the middle of the way, not only for you, but potentially for other customers. The reason why your employer would be considered negligible, and not your colleague, is because the situation suggests that your colleague was not trained sufficiently enough to know that leaving equipment out was a safety hazard. This demonstrates a lack of care on the employer’s behalf.

Your first step after receiving professional medical attention, which should be your first priority, is establishing negligence in your claim for tripping in cinema. If you haven’t already you should write an entry in the cinema’s “Accident Report Book”. Here you write an account of how the accident took place and about the injury you sustained. You should try to include every detail you can think of and subsequently retain a copy of your entry. Try to gain access to any CCTV footage of the incident that might be available as that will demonstrate exactly how your accident occurred. As for any possible future repercussions regarding work relationships or your prospects, you needn’t worry about that as it is against UK law for anything of that manner to affect your career.

Furthermore, the chances are that your employer is upset that such an incident took place and bears no ill-will against you and the fact that you may be pursuing a claim. If you are still worried though, you should address your concerns with your solicitor.

A personal injury claims solicitor with experience in dealing with cinema related injury claims should be contacted at the first possible opportunity. They will be able to put your mind at ease with regards to any niggling worries you may have and they will also be able to inform you of your probability of success.