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Claim for Soft Tissue Bruising from Accident

My mother tells me I should make a claim for soft tissue bruising from accident compensation because the injuries I experienced after being hit by a car while cycling to work are still bothering me. However it has been several months since the accident took place, can I still pursue such a claim?

As it has only been several months since the accident, you should be able to make a claim for soft tissue bruising from accident compensation. According to the UK Statute of Limitations for personal injury claims, the time limit for pursuing a potential claim for compensation is three years. This time limit usually begins from the date that you first have knowledge of your injury. However, there may be enquiries as to why you waited so long to make a claim against the negligent driver. If you didn’t attend a doctor subsequent to the accident and if your injuries have worsened because of it, you may be accused of contributory negligence which will affect the final value of your claim.

While you are still well within the time constraints imposed by the Statute of limitations, there still some other factors that may hinder your claim for soft tissue bruising from accident regarding the actions you took directly following the incident. Do you have contact details for the driver in question? If the driver stopped to help you and then shared their insurance details with you, the process of initiating a claim should be fine. However, if it was a hit and run, the driver may be difficult to track down, and without a negligible driver there is no claim. You could ask the police to attempt to pinpoint the liable driver; however at this stage your mind may be foggy when it comes to specific details of the car, its driver and the incident itself.

Did you immediately receive professional medical treatment and report the incident to the local police station? Both of these actions would ensure that there is a record of your injuries in your medical history and also provide evidence that the accident happened as you say it did. If you did neither of these things, it’s going to be difficult to prove that your soft tissue bruising is of a result of this specific accident.

This is merely a general guide to your potential options with regards to pursuing a claim for soft tissue bruising from accident compensation, and it is in no way a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible. By letting a solicitor know the specific details of the accident, the evidence you have and by assessing the severity of your soft tissue bruising injury, they will be able to advise you whether or not it is advisable to still pursue a claim.