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Claim for Slipping on Wet Floor in Costa Coffee

Is it too late to claim for slipping on wet floor in Costa Coffee if it happened two and a half years ago? It resulted in a permanent injury in my wrist that has only been discovered as of late.

I cannot provide a concrete answer regarding your claim for slipping on wet floor in Costa Coffee without knowing the specific details of your accident and injury. However, according to the UK Statute of Limitations which was established in 1980 to place a limit on the time potential claimants have to pursue a claim for compensation, three years is generally the limit for making a claim for compensation. That said, there are certain circumstances where this time period could be reduced or extended. Usually, the time limitation begins on the date you are aware of the injury, which is commonly on the date that the accident took place, in your case, the date you slipped on a wet floor in Costa Coffee. However since you say that your injury developed over a period of time, you could be eligible for the limitation to begin on the date that you discovered the permanence of your injury; this is known as the date of knowledge.

Other elements could affect your claim for slipping on wet floor in Costa Coffee, the main one being the possibility of contributory negligence. This is when you yourself could be found to have contributed somewhat to your injury. Some examples of this include if you had been responsible for the wet floor that you have slipped on in Costa, or if the permanent injury you now have was exacerbated by you not seeking adequate medical attention quickly enough. In this case, your final settlement will be reduced to reflect your lack of care.

If the date of knowledge of when your permanent injury was made known is not deemed as acceptable with regards to the Statute of Limitations, you will only have six months in which to pursue your claim. Your best option is to contact a personal injury claims solicitor with experience of dealing with slipping incidents that result in permanent injuries as soon as it is convenient. They will be able to advise you about the time constraints imposed by the Statute of Limitations and also assess the specific circumstances of your case and evaluate whether or not it will be worth your while to pursue a claim against Costa Coffee.