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Claim for Slipping on Sugar on the Floor in a Supermarket

Can you tell me how long it is likely to take to receive compensation if I make a claim for slipping on sugar on the floor in a supermarket?

Unfortunately it is not possible to tell you how long a claim for slipping on sugar on the floor in a supermarket will take to successfully resolve. There is a fixed period of time in which personal injury claims must be initiated as dictated by the Statute of Limitations; however the Statute of Limitations does not place a time limit on the resolution of claims.

Slipping on sugar on floor

Slipping on sugar on floor

Your case may be resolved in a few months or it is possible that it could take over a year before you receive compensation for your injury, although the average time taken for personal injury claims to be resolved is six to nine months.

Before your claim can be initiated, your case must be thoroughly investigated and evidence of negligence by the supermarket needs to be collected. This ‘investigative’ stage of the claim can take some time to complete. Witness statements may need to be taken in support of your claim and this is not always a quick process. A request should be made to obtain CCTV camera data of the accident, and a number of documents must be collected and compiled to support of your claim for a slip and fall in a supermarket on sugar.

Once your case has been prepared, a letter of claim can then be sent to the supermarket manager, although 21 days must be allowed for the letter of claim to be acknowledged. A further 90 days must then be given to allow the supermarket – and its insurance company – to conduct its own investigation into the claim before a response is required.

If your slip and fall in a supermarket on sugar clearly resulted from negligence by the supermarket and there is a good body of evidence to prove this, it is probable that liability for the accident will be accepted by your supermarket’s insurance company. If this is the case it should be possible for your claim for slipping on sugar on the floor in a supermarket to be resolved reasonably quickly. When liability for an injury is accepted by an insurance company, a suitable settlement of compensation for slipping on spilled sugar in a supermarket can usually be negotiated.

If liability for the accident is denied, or if the insurance company is unwilling to pay a reasonable amount of compensation slipping on spilled sugar in a supermarket, your case will need to go to court to be decided and this is likely to delay the resolution of your case. Claimants must wait for an available court date, and the waiting list in many parts of the country can be long.

The most important step to take to speed up the claim’s process is to arrange for your case to be investigated promptly, and you should therefore speak with a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible in this regard.