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Claim for Slipping on Spilled Drink in KFC

How do I make a claim for slipping on spilled drink in KFC for my daughter who is 11?

To make a claim for slipping on spilled drink in KFC for your daughter who is 11, you or another adult will have to step in and speak on her behalf as her “litigation friend”. This is due to the fact that at 11, your daughter is still a minor and by law she is not permitted to instruct a solicitor or make a claim by herself. The litigation friend is also someone who cannot have a conflict of interest. For instance, if you contributed to the spill that caused her injury in KFC, then you would not be able to represent your daughter in this claim for compensation.
You will also have to be sure that KFC were negligent. Children are often falling and injuring themselves; you will have to make sure that it was a spilled drink that caused your daughter’s fall and not just her being boisterous. Also, if she in any way contributed to her injury, such as causing the spillage of the drink, then this will be reflected in a reduction of the final compensation settlement. If neither of these scenarios were the case and the slip was definitely due to the lack of care demonstrated by a member of staff, then you may have a sufficient claim for slipping on spilled drink in KFC.

Fast food chains like KFC have a duty of care when it comes to the well-being of their customers. They have an obligation to maintain the safety of their restaurants, part of this is cleaning up spillages within a certain time frame so that people such as your daughter don’t get hurt. Because your daughter sustained an injury from such an incident, KFC is in breach of that duty of care and you should be entitled to pursue a compensation claim.

It would be advisable to consult a solicitor as soon as possible about your daughter’s slip in KFC. They will inform you of your rights as a litigation friend for your child. They will also evaluate your potential claim, taking into consideration the extent and severity of your daughter’s injury, her age and sex, her general state of health prior to the accident, pain and suffering endured at the time of the accident and the impact the accident has had on her quality of life. The solicitor will then assess if pursuing a claim is worthwhile and if it is they may agree to represent you and your child in your claim for slipping on spilled drink in KFC.