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Claim for Slipping on Food in KFC

My brother is pursuing a claim for slipping on food in KFC when he suffered a serious hip injury. Is he likely to be compensated? How much do people usually get for hip injury claims?

I really cannot say how likely it is that your brother will receive compensation claim for slipping on food in KFC without first knowing the circumstances of his slipping and also the severity of the injury he has sustained. The likelihood of him getting compensation is dependent on proving that KFC was negligent with regards to the duty of care it has towards its customers. There are several things he should do to aid this. Hopefully he made his health a top priority and sought medical attention at the first possible opportunity. This will mean that his hip injury will have been recorded in his medical history proving that it wasn’t an issue prior to his slip at KFC. If he hasn’t yet, he should make a report in KFC’s “Accident Report Book” and also try to gain access to CCTV footage recorded that day to show how the accident took place. All of this will serve as evidence that your solicitor will be able to utilise when negotiating your settlement of a claim for slipping on food in KFC.

It is difficult to say how much people usually get for hip injury claims. This is not only due to the fact that no two hip injury claims are identical; there are also a variety of personal elements to be taken into consideration. His gender, age and general state of health prior to the accident will be looked at. If your brother is a young man then he could be entitled to significantly more than an old man who sustains a similar injury because he will have to live with the inconvenience for longer. The pain and suffering he endured during the accident and the impact his hip injury has had on his quality of life since will also be taken into account. Medical expenses and financial losses incurred could also be potentially reclaimed. The hip compensation will also depend on the severity of the hip injury. Minor hip injuries that will eventually heal tend to be awarded around £2000 whereas a seriously debilitating hip injury could be compensated for up to £95000.

This answer is merely a guide and no substitute for advice from a claims injury solicitor who your brother should get in touch with at the first possible opportunity. They will be able to assess whether or not he has a viable claim for slipping on food in KFC and how much his hip injury could be worth.