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Claim for Slipping on Costa Coffee

I am going to make a claim for slipping on Costa Coffee. I slipped on a mocha I had spilled earlier and had informed the staff about. 20 minutes later, they had not cleaned up the spill and I slipped and suffered a concussion. Will this affect my claim?

The fact that you are somewhat responsible in your claim for slipping on Costa Coffee may affect your claim slightly. This is due to an area of compensation claim known as contributory negligence. This is when you are considered as partially responsible for causing your injuries. You could potentially be to blame for exacerbating your injuries by not getting them examined by a medical professional fast enough, or, like in your case, by spilling the substance that led to your slipping. Although you did spill the coffee that caused your injury, Costa Coffee has a duty of care with regards to its customers. This means that they are responsible for maintaining a safe, hazard-free environment for their customers to consume coffee in. The fact that there was such a significant time frame between you letting them know about the spillage and them not cleaning it up shows a lack of care for their customers. If you are considered to have contributed to your concussion injury, this will be reflected by a reduction in your final settlement.

Concussion is a common form of traumatic brain injury but it is the least serious. It is caused by a momentary shaking of the brain and a subsequent disruption of normal brain function. Such an injury generally isn’t too serious, but hopefully you sought medical attention as soon as possible after the accident, as occasionally such an injury can cause a bleed within the skull and can cause disability or be fatal if not treated properly. No amount of compensation claim is worth a lifelong injury that could have been prevented. The severity of concussion injuries are evaluated using a grading system. If your concussion was serious, it could still affect you weeks after your accident occurred. You should discuss the impact your injury has made on your life while discussing your claim for slipping on Costa Coffee.

The only way of knowing what will affect your potential claim is by seeking advice from a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible. They will be able to evaluate your specific concussion injury and the circumstances in which it occurred and inform you about whether or not it is advisable to initiate a claim against Costa Coffee.