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Claim for Skin Discolouration following Hair Dye

Can I make a claim for skin discolouration following hair dye? After I received my treatment in a beauty salon I noticed the top of my forehead is the same colour as my hair dye, leaving me unable to leave my house due to embarrassment.

It may be possible to claim for skin discolouration following hair dye if it can be determined that the hairdresser who performed your treatment has been negligent. A claim to compensation may also be possible if it transpires that the hairdresser did not possess the relevant skills in order to perform the task at hand or if a substandard performance was delivered. In any of these cases, a claim to compensation can be made against the hair salon in which the accident occurred.

After sustaining skin damage after hair dye treatment, photographs should be taken of the afflicted area proving that an injury has occurred. You should then return to the beauty salon in which you received your hair dye treatment and make a record of your accident in their “Accident Report Book”. If the negligence of the salon is evident, you may receive an offer of compensation from the manager or owner. This may be in the form of gift vouchers or a small sum of cash. However there is a possibility that the value of this compensation will not reflect the circumstances of your injury, and you are advised not to immediately accept this offer.

Your claim for skin discolouration following hair dye could be worth considerably more if you have been unable to attend work as a result of your injury. This is because you may receive compensation for any income you have lost as a result of your injury, and this is not likely to have been reflected in the compensation offered by the salon. It is also unlikely that the salon has considered compensation for Loss of Amenity you may have suffered if you are unable to perform everyday tasks or partake in social and leisure events. If you have suffered emotional trauma, this may also be compensated if verified by a qualified psychiatrist.

In order to determine the amount of compensation for skin damage by beauty parlour, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity. Your solicitor can advise on whether the settlement offered by the salon is fair, determine whether further action should be taken regarding a claim and answer any questions you may have on making a claim for skin discolouration following hair dye.