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Claim for Scarring to Chin

I want to know how much claim for scarring to chin I am entitled to after sustaining severe chin scars in a car crash while on holiday abroad.

How much compensation you can claim for scarring to chin you are entitled to can be difficult to predict without knowing the extent and severity of the injuries, particularly when the accident in which the injuries were sustained happened while you were on holiday abroad. Depending on the country your accident occurred in, there will be different criteria for pursuing a compensation claim. With regards to claiming for road traffic accidents while abroad, if it took place in Europe the procedures you follow will be much the same as in the UK. Following a crash within Europe it is also necessary that you compile evidence from the scene such as witness statements and pictures of the crash. It is also important that you exchange insurance details with the other driver. If the accident happened outside Europe you should carry out the same actions, however the laws of a particular country could contrast greatly with European law and you may not be able to initiate a claim from within the UK.

It also may be difficult to claim compensation considering the nature of your injury. A claim for scarring on the chin is a largely a cosmetic injury, and in initiating a claim for such an injury in the UK you would typically provide evidence of how this manner of injury has affected your confidence and emotional state of mind. However, compensation claims outside the UK tend to have a lower level of compensation, particularly when they are initiated in the country in which they occurred. Furthermore they may not take into account particular elements that would be considered important in the UK, such as the deterioration of your quality of life or emotional trauma, both of which would generally be aspects of a potential claim for chin scarring that would be central to establishing your case.

Your first priority upon returning to the UK should be to have your injuries examined in your local hospital. Even if the country you were in provided ample medical care, it is vital that you have a record to show that you visited a hospital in the UK. You should then contact a lawyer as soon as it is convenient. They will be able to advise you on what do with regards to your chin scar injury that was sustained abroad and only they will be able to give you an estimate of the amount of claim you could be entitled to.