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Claim for Injury to Forehead in Accident

Am I entitled to claim for injury to forehead in accident if the accident occurred in a supermarket car park? I now have three prominent scars and it has greatly affected my confidence.

You should be able to claim for injury to forehead in accident if the accident occurred due to supermarket negligence with regards to the safety maintenance of the car park – for example if you tripped over an unnoticeable obstruction or if you slipped on some snow that should have been cleared, or any number of preventable potential hazards. While you are on the premises of a supermarket, the owners owe you a duty of care; the experience of any manner of injury while on the premises because of “lack of care” on their part is a breach of that duty. If you did not record your accident and injury in the supermarket’s “Accident Report Book” immediately after the incident occurred, it may be a little complicated to prove supermarket negligence. Nevertheless, you should still compose a report as soon as it is convenient and also research the possibility of accessing CCTV footage from the day your forehead injury occurred as potential evidence that will support your claim.

Your age, sex and general state of health prior to the incident can greatly impact how much compensation for injury to forehead in accident you could be entitled to receive. For instance, if you are older you may be offered less due to the fact that you will have less time to live with a facial disfigurement than a person of a younger age. Also, if you are a woman you could be awarded significantly more than a male because of the pressures society places on women to appear attractive. You mention that your forehead scarring has greatly affected your confidence. You should maintain a diary documenting any occurrences of this loss of confidence affecting your ability to take part in activities and pastimes that you once enjoyed. This will demonstrate that you have endured emotional trauma as a result of your forehead injury. Any medical expenses and legitimate costs relating to the injury you have sustained will also be taken into consideration when your final claim is being calculated.

The only way to assess if you are entitled to forehead injury compensation is to contact a personal injury solicitor who has experience of dealing with forehead injury claims. You should present them with any evidence you have assembled and also discuss the specific circumstances of your supermarket car park injury. Utilising this information they will be able to determine whether or not you have a sufficient claim.