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Claim for Injury in Health Club

I suffered a burn in my local health club sauna; can I make a claim for injury in health club compensation?

You can make a claim for injury in health club compensation if you can prove that the health club was liable and that you were not to blame for the burn injury you sustained.

You may think that a scald is not a serious enough injury to pursue a claim for; however the pain from even a small scald can cause pain in the victim for a considerable amount of time. Hopefully your first priority following the scald being sustained was to obtain professional medical treatment from your GP or local hospital. Despite the fact that they may have administered first aid treatment to treat your scald at the scene, pursuing further treatment would have shown a full regard for your health and safety. It also would inform you of the full severity of your injury.

Additionally, having a record of the incident in your medical history would be beneficial with regards to pursuing your claim for injury in health club compensation. If you haven’t yet, you should make a report in the health club’s “Accident Report Book”. This is where you provide a full account of how the accident took place. It would be wise to retain a copy of the report also.

Furthermore, be weary if the club’s insurance company approaches you with an offer of compensation; make sure to discuss the claim with a personal injury claims solicitor with experience of dealing with health club injuries before accepting any sum. It is unlikely that they will have had time to assess your injury fully and the sum may not compensate you sufficiently. Should you inadvertently accept an unsolicited offer of compensation, it will not be possible to return to the insurance company and request more if it turns out to be inadequate.

All of this is general advice and is by no means a substitute for obtaining specific scald injury advice from a solicitor at the first possible moment. They will be able to evaluate your claim for injury in health club and advise you on whether or not pursuing such a claim would be worth your while.