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Claim for Injury from Broken Glass in Bus Shelter

I want to make a claim for injury from broken glass in bus shelter. I was sitting on the bus shelter bench and when I got up to get on the bus a large shard of glass penetrated by leg. It has left a deep and unsightly scar. How much compensation could I get?

In answering your question regarding a claim for injury from broken glass in bus shelter compensation, there are a number of elements to consider. Your own lack of care will likely be a factor in determining whether or not you are entitled to claim. Although the bus company owes their customers a duty of care when it comes to maintaining the safety of their buses and shelters, if the glass had only just been broken there is nothing that could have been done to prevent your injury. Also, they may argue that had you been more careful and looked where you were sitting this would not have been an issue as it isn’t very sensible to sit down in area where there is newly broken glass scattered. However, if the glass of the shelter had been broken for a while and in such a way that wasn’t conspicuous you could very well be entitled to claim for injury from broken glass in bus shelter compensation.

The first thing you should have done was seek out professional medical attention. Although it may have been just a cut, you don’t want to be at risk for infection. This would also have ensured that there was a record in your medical history of the injury being sustained. It still isn’t too late to visit your local GP or emergency room, but bear in mind you could be accused of contributory negligence if your injury worsened because you failed to see a doctor quickly enough. You should then take pictures of the bus shelter where the injury occurred. Take several photos from numerous angles in an attempt to show how the broken glass wasn’t conspicuous, if that was indeed the case. Gather witness testimonials if you can also, especially anyone who can confirm that the dangerous glass had been present for a significant amount of time and that the bus company had promised but failed to remedy it.

Your next priority should be to contact a personal injury claims solicitor who has experience with claims for bus shelter injuries. They will be able to evaluate your claim, taking into consideration how your injury was sustained, the pain and suffering inflicted, your age and sex and the impact it has had on your life since it occurred. Only they will be able to determine how much ccompensation you may get. Generally scars on your leg would not be awarded as much claim in comparison for facial scarring. The amount you may receive will depend on how severe and obvious the scar is. An average estimate for a serious enough leg injury compensation payment can be vary greatly. If your solicitor considers your claim to be sufficiently strong, they will agree to represent you in your claim for injury from broken glass in bus shelter.