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Claim for Food Poisoning in a Dixy Chicken Restaurant

It is your legal right to make a claim for food poisoning in a Dixy Chicken restaurant if you have recently suffered an illness from food in a Dixy Chicken restaurant.

Restaurant food poisoning can be a highly serious illness that is usually caused when undercooked chicken has been served to customers, although simply storing raw meat and fish in close proximity to cooked food can be all that it takes for food to become contaminated.

Even simple lapses in standards can cause customers to become seriously ill, which is why food safety legislation is rigorously enforced. If an incidence of food poisoning is reported to the Environmental Health Department, an inspection of the kitchens in the restaurant will be scheduled. If Environmental Health officers visit and find evidence that food safety legislation has not been followed or evidence of harmful bacteria is found, the restaurant will be closed to prevent other customers from being placed at risk.

It is therefore important that the Environmental Health Department is notified of all cases of restaurant food poisoning so that a prompt inspection can take place to protect the general public from illness, but it is also essential if you intend to make a compensation claim for food poisoning in Dixy Chicken. Your food poisoning in Dixy Chicken claim must be supported by evidence of negligence and an Environmental Health report is the easiest way to establish that the restaurant was to blame for you becoming ill.

It is also vital that you seek medical attention for your illness as your medical records will also be used to support your claim for compensation for Dixy Chicken food poisoning. Once you have started to recover from your illness you should speak with a personal injury solicitor about making an injury claim for an illness from food in a restaurant. You will have your right to make a claim confirmed, and you will receive important legal advice about making a claim for compensation.

Further Information on Filing a Compensation Claim for Food Poisoning in Dixy Chicken