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Claim for Falling over in Restaurant

I recently fell over a broken chair leg and suffered a neck injury in a restaurant. Can I claim for falling over in restaurant?

It seems as if you could certainly pursue a claim for falling over in restaurant as the accident you described sounds like a breach in the duty of care the restaurant owes its patrons. Every restaurant or public place that the general public visits owes it to those visitors to maintain the safest possible standards when it comes to their surroundings. Unless it was you who broke the chair leg, or perhaps unless if the chair leg was only recently broken, the restaurant should be held liable for allowing such a hazard to manifest without addressing it.

You should do all you can to initiate your claim for falling over in restaurant as soon as possible as neck injuries can be quite serious, sometimes leaving the accident victim paralysed if it is severe enough. I hope you had the sense to seek professional medical attention as soon as it was convenient, as this will ensure that your health is as good as it can be and it you will also have proof of when the injury was sustained in your medical records.

You should also make sure to write up an entry in the restaurant’s “Accident Report Book”, being as detailed as possible about the incident. Include witness statements, names of the staff members who helped you and even statements from those who may have been aware of the broken chair leg and the restaurant management’s failure to do anything about it. You should also try to gain access to the CCTV cameras that may have recorded footage of your accident, if the restaurant has any. This will also provide evidence by demonstrating the circumstances of how you sustained your injuries.

It is recommended that you meet with a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as it is convenient for you to do so. They will be able to provide information that is more specific to your particular claim and will also give you a better idea of all your options. They will assess the evidence you provide them and from that they will inform you of whether or not your claim is worth pursuing.