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Claim for Falling over in Museum

I fell over in a museum and dislocated my knee and want to make a claim for falling over in museum but my Dad says it’s too expensive and wouldn’t be worth it. Is this true?

Initiating a claim for falling over in museum shouldn’t be as expensive as your father believes. With most solicitors these days offering free initial consultations to discuss a potential claim you have the opportunity to make an enquiry without having to make a legal commitment. When you go to your consultation with your solicitor they will discuss with you the particular circumstances of your museum accident and how exactly you came to dislocate your knee. They will then take into consideration several important factors that will determine whether your claim is likely to be a success and also estimate how much compensation you are likely to receive. The solicitor will account for your age, sex, general health before your knee dislocation, pain and suffering endured during the incident and also the effect it has had on your life since.

Part of estimating and evaluating your claim for falling over in museum will be establishing the negligence of the museum. If they were not actually responsible for your injury occurring, then there is no negligent party to make a claim against. For example, if you fell over because you spilled a drink or dropped some food then the museum cannot be held liable. However if it was due to an obstruction the museum failed to clear, or a spill was not addressed within a reasonable time frame, then the museum could be considered as liable for your injury. Following the accident, you should have recorded the specific circumstances of the event in the museum’s “Accident Report Book” being as comprehensive as you could. If you did not, it’s still not too late to do so. If possible you should also try to access and CCTV footage that could have caught the incident. If you attended the hospital for medical treatment directly following the accident your medical records will also be looked at.

After the solicitor evaluates all of the evidence you present to them they will inform you of whether or not your claim for falling over in museum has a high likelihood of success. If this is the case they will offer you legal representation on a “No Win, No fee” basis, which will calm your father’s fears over the claim being too expensive to pursue. This means that if your claim is unsuccessful you will not be liable for your solicitor’s legal fees, although if you do not succeed you may still have to cover those of the defendant. Luckily, finances should still not be too much of a concern if you take out an insurance policy before the case is commenced in the event of such an occurrence.